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Home Health Aide

Home health aides are an important part of your in-home care. They provide a number of services to help you remain healthy and comfortable in your home while continuing to live independently. Here are some of the things your home health aide can do for you.


Grooming and personal hygiene can be difficult to carry out on your own, and our aides can assist with these tasks. When you need help with bathing safely, shampooing and combing your hair, and cleaning and filing your nails, your aide can do these things for you. Additionally, he or she can assist with oral care and skin care (when the skin is not broken). Dressing safely is also part of their services.


Your aide is not a nurse, but he or she can take vital signs and log them, and assist with any physical or occupational therapy exercises you’ve been assigned. When help is needed with getting into bed safely, moving around the home, or toileting, an aide can assist with that.


Home Care

One of the joys of continuing to live at home is eating home-cooked food. Your aide can help you with preparing meals and with eating and washing the dishes after. They can change your bed linens and wash them for you, do some light housekeeping, laundry, and tidy up around the home.


Your home health aide can go with you to doctor appointments, dental visits, and other health-related appointments. Grocery shopping and running other errands are also places he or she can go with you.

Zion Home Health can work on a customized plan to fit your individual needs. Our caregivers take great satisfaction in caring for clients, ensuring peace of mind when it comes to safety, care, and health. When you need in-home healthcare, we are pleased to work with you. Contact us today to let us know how we can serve you.

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