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Skilled Nursing Services

At Zion Home Health Care Services, our caregivers are the most qualified in the Clifton, New Jersey area, offering incomparable care and exceptional nursing skills. Maintaining independence in the home is important to many, and we allow clients to remain in the home while having access to the highest quality care. Our skilled nurses are second to none, and we are proud to have them serve you.Here are some of the services we offer.

Patient Education

After an illness or injury, you’ve likely been rushed out of the hospital and back home, meaning some of the patient instructions and guidelines for ongoing care weren’t clear. During this stressful time, details can be forgotten or overlooked. New instructions from your physician afterward might be issued as well. Our nurses provide patient education, ensuring the client and family members understand how treatment will be given and to answer questions, and confirm that everybody understands.

Wound Care

Wounds after surgery or injury can cause life-threatening infections, and most aren’t capable of caring for them with the sterile techniques and other skills required to prevent further infection and to promote healing. Further, wounds might be on parts of the body that are impossible or difficult to reach. Our nurses know how to care for them in such a way that they can reduce the risk of infection and promote healing. Additionally, they are trained to know the signs of worsening infection and when to seek increased treatment.

IV and Nutrition Therapy, Injections

While a client might be able to continue to live at home while seeking treatment, an IV for medications or nutrition could still be required, as well as injectable medications. Our nurses will monitor IV processes, change bags, add medications, and anything else that is needed as part of a care plan. They can administer injectable medications through a syringe, and ensure that all are done safely and reduce the chances of infection.

Monitor Conditions

To many, any change of condition can be concerning, and without proper training, you might not know when it’s appropriate to contact your doctor or go to the ER, which can increase your costs for healthcare. Your nurse is trained to know when a change of health status has occurred, whether better or worse, and when to call a physician or seek emergency treatment. Statuses will be monitored closely, especially for those whose condition isn’t yet stable.

At Zion Home Health Care Services, we employ skilled nurses who provide impeccable care and are second to none in quality. Nobody beats the level of service we provide, and we look forward to serving you. Contact us today to let us know what we can do to assist you in your independent home care regimen.

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